If you’re a hardcore Mac  and iOS user, you no doubt on occasion use a bluetooth keyboard to type on your iOS device. But using a bluetooth keyboard can sometimes be a tedious setup.

Well thanks to Eltima Software, the remote keyboard connection is solved with Typeeto, which requires no bluetooth connections!

By coincidence, I was struggling to connect my flat portable Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to my iPhone when I came across  Twitter DM from Vitality Golubenko, the creator of Typeeto. He reached out to me to write a review of Typeeto. At first I thought it wouldn’t work with my 2011 iMac, but I was pleased to discover that it does.

I sometimes like to connect an external keyboard with my iPhone when I’m conducting a chat in Kik or Messages, or writing notes in the iOS Minutes app for the iPad.


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Guess what, Typeeto is available on the Mac App Store for $12.99 (affiliate link).

Why Typeeto?

With Typeeto, you don’t have to use a bluetooth connection in order to make a remote connection with your iPhone or other iOS devices. Typeeto can be triggered in your menu bar, or you can use an assigned keyboard shortcut for quicker triggering.


If you frequently need to connect your Mac keyboard with your iOS device, the Typeeto shortcut makes the connection process easier.

You might even create a Keyboard Maestro string trigger to trigger the Typeeto shortcut, so that you can switch back and forth between your Mac  and your iOS device.

What’s cool about Typeeto is you don’t have to disable it in order to switch back to typing on your Mac. A small device display will pop up on screen when you switch to typing on the iOS device.  The display disappears immediately when you start typing on your Mac again.


Typeeto also works with these devices.


Super Easy Connection

After installing the application, the application walks you through the steps to make the connection between your Mac and your device, so there’s no reason to explain the steps here.

Typeeto keyboard connection

Whata Think?

Typeeto is definitely worth at least $10, if not more.  So if you download Typeeto and use it, be sure to give the developer some love with a review comment in the Mac App Store, as well as in the comment section below.


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