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• Want to reduce clicking, typing,  and performing redundant tasks?

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About Bakari

Bakari_chavanuI want to thank you for visiting Mac Automation Tips. As you will hopefully notice, I’m passionate about Mac automation because first off it’s fun and geeky to create hacks and actions, and then watch tasks get done with a single click, a string trigger, a finger gesture, or automatically in the background.

So who am I? I’m a father and husband, a humanist, and a long time Mac  user. I taught high school English for about fifteen years. For several years I did wedding and event photography and videography, and then I moved on to writing professionally for various Mac websites, but most notably, MakeUseOf.com, a leading technology site. I’ve published three major PDF guides, and my first digital book, Starting From Day One-Using the Day One Journaling App to Record and Enrich Your Life, which available in the iTunes Book Store.

Two years ago I decided that in addition to being a freelance writer, I wanted to start and sustain my own blog sites. The site you’re visiting now is a labor of love, because I want to help other general Mac users utilize Mac automation in their daily workflow.

I’m now working to turn Mac Automation Tips into a business so that I can do this work nearly full-time and provide the best resources possible for helping Mac  users get the most out of Mac automation.

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Reader Feedback

Wow… every now and then, stumble upon an article that seems meant for me…I’ve been doing something along the lines of this with a timed-interval KM action that just brings my reminders list to the front of my screen (I need hyper prompting

One issue for me is I keep getting notifications about macro cancellation… usually just when the laptop had been sleeping. Definitely not necessary info, just noise.

I did make a point of turning off “Notify on Failure” but that doesn’t seem to have helped.

This is great Bakari, I used to use this feature in PopClip, but the fact of using the mouse to select all the text to choose the title case option seem so long winded now, great post, thanks for sharing.

Some really great stuff. I’m having trouble keeping up with all the content, mainly due to work commitments, but can see this as a worthwhile investment of my time in the long term. A steep learning curve for some apps but gets easier with time.

Hi – I just found your site doing a search for Dragon for Mac 5. Wow – your site is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I use several of your recommended applications already. I’ve been struggling with Hazel a bit and could use some help. Anyway, my first question is do you know if there’s a free trial for Dragon for Mac 5 and if so, where do I find it? Thanks, Jake

Great stuff – keep the ideas/suggestions coming. It’s great to see the clever ways that people find uses for these programs.

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Reader feedback, questions, and ideas help make Mac Automation Tips more than blog site, it makes it a community of Mac automators. So please write me, leave comments, and ask questions.

I maintain a Ask Mac Automator column that features responses to questions asked by my blog site subscribers and social network contacts. If your question would be useful to other readers, I will publish it and the responses for other readers.