My Favorite Mac Apps and Upgrades for 2019

My favorite apps of 2019 include Spark Mail, Drafts Pro, Timing, and Scrivener 3.0. What are you favorites?

iClip: The Best Clipboard Manager for the Mac

I copy, cut, and paste dozens of snippets of text nearly everyday, and that’s why I’m very happy to report that the clipboard manager iClip is now a 64 bit application and is ready for the macOS Catalina. I’ve been using iClip for a few years now, but I held off writing a full review …

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How I Use TextExpander To Type Faster

TextExpander automitically expanding words, names, URLs, and other snippets of text. This article explains how I use TextExpander for faster typing.

Apple Diary: Why I Got the Apple Card and How I Use It

Most people reading my blog site know about the Apple Card already, so instead of describing the details of what it is and how it works, this articles explains why I signed up and how I’m using the Apple Card. The Apple Card is my fourth credit card. I started using credit cards again after …

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Keyboard Maestro 9.0 Update

The Keyboard Maestro 9.0 update includes many new features, including support for Dark Mode, OCR and Elgato Stream Keypads, Desktop Display, and much more.

7 Quick Ways to Open Webpages In Safari

This article shares tips for quickly opening webpages in Safari using using applications like Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, BetterTouchTool, and PopClip.

How to Create and Use an Alfred Filter List

I use Alfred for all sort of triggers, including launching applications and initiating Google searches, but I also like it for pasting selected content from filtered lists. For example, I have a filter list of affiliate links that I use in articles, emails, and other newsletters. Using Alfred, I can easily access this list by …

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[Survey] Which Mac Tasks Do You Regularly Perform?

The best way to get started with Mac automation is to identify Mac tasks you regularly perform on your Mac, and then figure out which ones can be automated. Though computers are supposed to save us time and help us be more productive, many computer users perform redundant tasks without knowing that many actions can …

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Spark Mail Client: Cool and Automated

For years I couldn’t find a suitable alternative to Apple’s Mail. Each time I tried a new application I eventually returned to Mail; that is, until I started using Spark. Spark includes features like snooze emails, signature and email templates, reminders, and the ability to collaborate with a team of other Spark users. While there …

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BetterTouchTool 3.0: New Design and Handy New Features

As an avid and long time user of BetterTouchTool, it’s great to see the recently released 3.0 version that includes not only a modern redesign, but several new features for managing finger gesture actions, searching actions, and a couple ways of viewing the user interface.  BetterTouchTool Finger Gesture CourseMy BTT course covers all you need …

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