After trying out various tasks and project managers over the years, Amazing Marvin’s Month Planner Strategy significantly boosted my productivity and workflow (see more here.) This article explains how and why.

How the Planner Works

As with all of Marvin’s strategies, you enable the monthly Planner, and then you can assign tasks and projects in your Master List or Smart Lists, as shown in the screenshot below.

Amazing Marvin's Month Planner
Amazing Marvin Monthly Planner

You cannot directly create tasks and projects in the Planner; you must drag them from your Master List or Smart Lists.

I don’t assign/plan recurring or minor tasks to the Monthly Planner. I use the Planner for significant tasks and projects that might take a few hours, days, or weeks to complete.

The minimalist view of Marvin's Monthly Planner
You can also select the Minimalist view for the Planner

Planner Action Buttons

Another method of assigning tasks and projects monthly is to utilize Marvin’s hover action buttons. One button enables you to assign a task to the current month, while the other permits you to assign it to either the current or future month.

Marvin's Month Plan Action button

Monthly Planner Advantages

The Monthly Planner is a strategy for managing and prioritizing tasks and projects that don’t necessarily have a specific deadline but require attention. It gives me a bird’s-eye view of all the tasks and projects I assign for the current or future months, allowing me to see the big picture and plan accordingly. This feature is particularly beneficial for tasks and projects that are ignored because they lack deadlines.

Another advantage of the Planner is that I’m not scheduling tasks, but I’m planning to schedule and do them at some point.

As I review my tasks and projects weekly, I can schedule tasks by opening my Smart List of planned tasks and projects for the current month.

The Monthly Planner is also flexible. I can quickly move tasks around if I encounter unexpected events or need to adjust my schedule. This flexibility has proven to be a game-changer, allowing me to adapt to changes without feeling overwhelmed or losing track of my tasks.

The Planner as Motivation Strategy

I use the planner to keep track of my tasks and projects and ensure I complete them by the end of the month.

I regularly check my Planner to see which tasks can be deleted or reassigned to another month, but I aim to complete what I assigned to the month.

At the end of the month, I have the pleasure of unhiding completed tasks and projects to see how much I have accomplished.

Before using this strategy, I often forgot unscheduled tasks because I forgot I created them. With my Sart List in the left sidebar, I never forget the tasks and projects I complete.

Categorizing Planned Tasks

In the Day View of Marvin, you select different ways to categorize tasks and projects. When I started using Marvin, my tasks were presented in the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening sections, with the Afternoon section mainly populated with significant and planned tasks and projects.

However, I recently discovered that there’s a custom section for displaying both unplanned and planned tasks. Using this custom section allows me to assign tasks not previously assigned to the current month.

The Custom Section feature in Amazing Marvin

Frequently, I perform tasks that were never planned or scheduled. After I complete those tasks, I might still go back and record that I completed them because it’s important to review what I accomplished at the end of the month, see what progress I’m making, and see where I’m using my time.


The Monthly Planner is instrumental in helping me stay on track. Even when I get sidetracked, I can easily refer back to my Monthly Planner, reassess my priorities, and get back on track.

The Planner helps me stay organized, manage my time effectively, and keep track of all my tasks and projects. Whether you have many tasks with no set deadlines or long-term projects that need to be broken down into manageable tasks, I highly recommend trying out Amazing Marvin’s Monthly Planner, because it may be the best task managers on the market.

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