Every December, the Raycast productivity and utility app creates a “Raycast Wrapped” report for all its users. The report includes statistics about user productivity, such as the most active day of the week, the number of snippets used, the most frequently used apps, the number of applications launched using Raycast, and the total number of times it was opened.

Although Raycast Wrapped is not the most accurate reflection of my productivity, it does demonstrate my frequent use of the extension-based app to trigger actions on my computer that enhance my productivity.

Annual Raycast Wrapped

Even though I installed Raycast more than 743 days ago, I only began utilizing it earlier this year. Before that, I used Alfred, a comparable application that also launches apps, performs web searches, and triggers workflows to assist with specific tasks.

According to Raycast Wrapped, I have installed 78 extensions but only use about a dozen regularly. Without further ado, here are my top favorites.


As a blogger and web designer, I have to optimize the resolution size of images I use on websites. Before using the TinyPNG extension, I had to upload oversized images to TinyPNG.com to resize them. I repeated the action several times to get the optimal size I needed.

The TinyPNG extensions for Raycast.

But a few months ago, I installed TinyPNG from the Raycast store. With Raycast, I can select an image on my desktop and run the extension to resize it. But because I use BetterTouchTool, I mapped a Three Finger Click action to the extension’s assigned keyboard shortcut, which runs the resize action without me opening Raycast. This single-click action saves me about five minutes each time I run it. I’ve probably saved at least 20 minutes producing this article by running the extension on included screenshots.

Floating Notes

I’ve used several note applications to jot quick notes, but the Floating Notes extension is by far the easiest to use. Again, using a Four Finger Swipe Left finger gesture, I trigger the built-in Raycast Floating Notes window that opens where I last positioned it on my desktop. It’s a single-window utility, so I only use it for quick notes that either delete or copy and paste to another application.

Floating Notes extension in Raycast.

The Raycast developers are working on a pro version of Floating Notes, but they haven’t shared what features it will include. I hope it includes AI integration.

Daily Log

As I work throughout the day, I like to keep a log of what I am working on or issues I encounter. I’ve tried several solutions to keep work logs, but the Daily Log extension is the best.

Raycast Daily Log extension.

I set up a Keyboard Maestro action to trigger the Daily Log every two hours while I work. When the log window opens, I take less than thirty seconds to write what I’m doing.

I have been using the Daily Log for around three weeks now. However, I believe it can be more beneficial for me to improve my productivity by keeping track of my work habits, identifying distractions, and managing my time more efficiently. In addition, it can function as a project management tool, assisting me in tracking progress and pending tasks for larger projects.

But what’s most advanced about this extension is that it provides me with a summary of my logs for the day and the month, using, I guess, built-in AI. This extension requires, I believe, the pro version of the app.

Random Password Generator

I sometimes encounter websites or web applications that I can’t easily create a password using 1Password. But the Random Password Generator saves the day. I can set the password length, and it saves it to my clipboard after it generates the password.

Raycast Password Generator

Snippets and Clipboard History

While I think Alfred’s user interface for snippets and clipboard history is better, I still retrieve recorded snippets and clippings in Raycast. The pro version allows for unlimited clippings, but I can’t say I have searched for anything older than the past few weeks or or month.

Raycast Clipboard history.

It would be interesting if Raycast Wrapped reported how many times I searched for clippings.

Color Picker

Another handy tool I use for website design is ColorSlurp. Though this extension doesn’t work without launching the application, I regularly use it to launch particular features of the color picker, such as to show palettes, pick or edit a color, or view recent brand colors.

Raycast Color Picker

Raycast AI

The pro version of Raycast includes AI integration. While I use Mem Chat and Grammarly for most of my AI needs, Raycast AI is handy for quick queries. You must subscribe to ChatGPT4 to integrate it with Raycast AI Pro, which I have yet to do.

Raycast AI

Other Raycast Extension

Because I have other productivity applications like BetterTouchTool, Keyboard Maestro, and Arc web browser, I don’t use other extensions as much, like the window manager, browser history, or launching applications. However, here are some other extensions I occasionally use:

  • Calculator
  • Fantastical for quickly creating events and appointments without opening the app.
  • Searching and running Keyboard Maestro actions.
  • Quicklinks for opening configured webpages.
  • YouTube video searches.
Raycast My Schedule extension.

What Are Your Favorite Raycast Extensions

If you use Raycast, share your favorite extensions. If not, please tell us if you plan to check it out. The free version is sufficient for most users, especially if you don’t need the AI integration.

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