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I love automating my Mac; Hazel and Keyboard Maestro are my bread and butter. I’ve been using Butler for YEARS… but it hasn’t been updated in a long time and is showing its age, and I’m testing out Alfred as a replacement. It works well enough for my needs… so, I guess my question is: is the PowerPack worth it?

My primary use for Butler is for launching websites, opening apps and invoking custom menus with keyboard shortcuts (the latter function now usurped by SuperTab’s metafolders).

I would say the PowerPack for Alfred is worth it especially if you like to trigger actions while keeping your fingers on your keyboard, and if you’re interested in using the workflow feature in Alfred. For example, though I use a few different clipboard managers, I like that I can evoke Alfred and do a quick searches of past clippings and paste them in the document I’m working on.
I also use a few of the Alfred workflows for navigating iTunes, running quick calculations, and doing “Lucky” web searches, and sometimes quickly searching my own website.
Alfred Preferences Alfred Preferences, Today at 2.37.35 PM
I also learned today that Alfred 3 is being released in beta, so you might want to take a look at the features that are in store for it.
I haven’t used Butler in a long while, because mainly I use Alfred. I prefer the user interface design for Alfred. Design is important to me, as well functionality. Both applications have similar features, so you might only switch up if there’s a few features in Alfred that you think will increase your workflow and productivity.
Butler doesn’t offer the type of custom workflow features that Alfred offers, which means there’s a lot more potential in Alfred for triggering different types of actions.

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