Trackpad or Mouse: Which Do You Use on Your Mac?

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For the purposes of developing this site, I'm curious about which device, trackpad or mouse, Mac users and readers of this site use.

Personally, I use a trackpad, because it feels faster than a mouse, and it seems to work better with one of my favorite automation applications, BetterTouchTool.

Please also share in the comments section why you prefer one over the other.

Trackpad or Mouse: Which Do You Use?

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  • Trackpad all the way for me, using dual displays and multiple spaces on each, it’s a joy to use the gestures, combined with BetterTouch Tool for customised configurations.
    I do have a mouse, but only use that for gaming in Steam, for some reason most games just seem to work and feel better when using a mouse.

    • Awe,great to see another trackpad user. One of the reasons I posted this poll is to see how many people are also using BetterTouchTool. It should be more widely used than it is. Paul, thanks for your feedback.

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