Mac Automation Goals for 2020

The beginning of a new year is always a useful time to set goals and change habits. This year I thought it would be interesting to create a worksheet about Mac power user and automation goals. But instead of creating yet another PDF document to download, I thought Google forms useful to make the worksheet …

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New Years Resolution: Automate More

About about month ago, subscribers to this website did me a favor and responded to a survey about Mac automation and this website. The results of that are very useful to me because they provide an idea of what my readers need as Mac automators. Two questions I ask in the survey are about how …

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MacAutomationTips Survey for 2019 Improvements

Maintaining MacAutomationTips takes a lot of work and time figuring out the most useful content for you, my readers and subscribers. Your responses to this survey will help me improve the site in the coming year. Please take a few minutes to answer the following 10 survey questions. I really appreciate your time and feedback. …

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Poll: What Do You Primarily Use Mac Automation for?

As I develop this Mac Automation Tips blog, it will be helpful to know for what purpose my readers use Mac automation tools. I primarily use automation tools for writing and blogging, including articles, videos, and other daily tasks. Because my blogging work is  focused on repeatedly using similar terms and phrases, and performing similar  computer actions on a daily …

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How Much Do You Use Mac Automation?

As I develop this site, it will also be useful to know how experienced readers of this site are with general Mac automation programs. Please take the survey below  to let me know your level of experience with Mac automation programs.  You need only choose one answer. Thank you for your feedback. And please also subscribe to …

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Trackpad or Mouse: Which Do You Use on Your Mac?

For the purposes of developing this site, I’m curious about which device, trackpad or mouse, Mac users and readers of this site use. Personally, I use a trackpad, because it feels faster than a mouse, and it seems to work better with one of my favorite automation applications, BetterTouchTool. Please also share in the comments section …

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