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To get a better understanding of who my readers are, it would help to know what Mac automation programs you already use. You can come back and update your response to this poll at any time.

Thanks for responding. And please a comment about the programs you would like to learn more about, and other programs not on the list.

Which automation programs do you use?

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  • Hi Bakari,

    I love to tinker with automating my system, and if I can automate a workflow, I get great satisfaction in doing so.
    I use most of the programs you have listed, but the one I struggle with the most is Keyboard Maestro, unless I’m doing something so simple, I just cannot get my head round it properly to make anything more in depth work correctly.
    Personally I’d love a tutorial type guide, showing step-by-step macros explaining what each thing does.

    Many thanks,


    • Paul, great to hear that you’re using these programs. I use Keyboard Maestro several times a day, and I have hundreds of macros. The purpose of this site is to help people get more out of this program and learn how to use it. Though the program includes a online manual, it’s not the best document for showing what can be done with KM. So stay tuned, because I will be posting step-by-step how-to’s for using the program. And thanks for your feedback.

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