As a longtime Mac user, I created Mac Automation Tips because though there are many Mac power users and developer geeks who use Mac automation programs, there are still thousands of Mac users are not taking advantage of automation programs.

What Is Mac Automation Tips for?

  • Mac users who work at their computer on a daily or regular basis.
  • Writers, graphic designers, photographers, bloggers, teachers accountants,  virtual assistants,  salespeople, and the like, can benefit from using Mac automation.
  • Any Mac user who finds it interesting to do fun stuff with their Mac.

What Does Mac Automation Tips provide?

  • Regular articles about Mac automation programs for general users, who have little or no coding or scripting skills.
  • Video tutorials on how to use automation programs.
  • Quick tips about automation programs.
  • Webinars presenting what Mac automation programs can do for your workflow.
  • Step-by-step guides for setting up automation workflows.

Why Automate? 

  • Essentially to automate parts of your Mac workflow with any Mac application.
  • To reduce redundant tasks and steps.
  • To save you time by speeding up a workflow process.
  • To get more out of your Mac and make it work for you.


Mac Automation Tips will provide lots of tips and strategies for using automation programs, but if you have technical issues with these programs, please direct your questions to the developers themselves. For programs like Keyboard Maestro, BetterTouchTool, TextExpander, and Apple’s smart folder programs, there are user forums set up to address all types of related technical issues. Often times you’ll find that your question or issue has already been addressed in a forum.

Leave Your Feedback 

As I grow this site, it will always be useful to get your feedback, questions, and suggestions for about using Mac automation programs. I will always respond to your comments, and try to address questions as best as I can.

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