Mac Automation for the Rest of Us

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If you work at your Mac throughout the day, you no doubt perform many redundant tasks that can be automated by other applications. Tasks might include downloading most used webpages, opening, hiding, and quitting applications, locating files and folders, typing familiar often used words and phrases, and copying and pasting texts.

The purpose of Mac Automation Tips is to provide how-to's, tips, and resources for using OS X smart technology and applications, including Keyboard Maestro, HazelAutomatorTextExpander, and Dragon Dictate. You don't need to know a bit of code to use the applications. You just need a little time and patience to set up workflows and automations. The more automations you set up, the more your Mac can done for you.

Just with Keyboard Maestro, I’ve saved over 4 months of performing redundant tasks.



With the text expansion program, TextExpander, I’ve saved over 15 hours of typing, just by taking some time set up snippet and abbreviations.


The site used to be hosted under, but I have decided to self-host and renew my former site with fresh articles and updates.

Be sure to subscribe to this site so that you can start making your Mac and iOS device do more for you.

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  • I’ve been reading your old site and I’m hooked! I’m a big automation geek so this really speaks to me.

    Here’s an idea for a post: Document the process you went through to migrate posts from your old site to this one. What ad hoc automations did you come up with to get everything the way you wanted it?

    • Thanks, Chrissy. I just started up this site, switching over from the WordPress hosted site of the same name. I’m going to try to post on here at least two times a week. The Google+ community is great, but I can organize content better on this site. Thanks for checking it out. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow at @macautotips.

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