Are you a Mac user who doesn’t quite know what you could be automating on your Mac? Take the following survey to see which and how many basic Mac tasks you perform on a regular basis.

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Should You Be Automating? 

If you click more than 10 items on the list, you definitely have tasks that you could be automating on your Mac. By automating redundant tasks, you can get things done more efficiently and even save time in the long run.

For example, just by using a text expander application, like TextExpander, you can save typing and hours over time by having TextExpander type of snippets of text for you. I’ve been using the application for nearly three years, and so far I have saved 23 hours of typing.

TextExpander Statistics

Another application, Keyboard Maestro, enables me to quickly select and delete the last word I type in any application. This means I don’t have to repeatedly click the backspace/delete key or use a keyboard shortcut to delete the last word. (Notice how often you backspace and delete words as you type.)

See the end of this article about downloading a free PDF about Mac automation.

I’ve used this automation action 459 times since it started being recorded back in July of 2015. I simply type two string letters, “fh,” after the last word, and Keyboard Maestro selects the last word and deletes it so I can keep on typing.

Keyboard Maestro

I  also reduce the amount of typing I do by  dictating text and issuing voice commands to trigger all types of actions on my Mac. The screenshot below is just a small example of the type of voice commands I issue, using Dragon Dictate, that save me time and reduce the need for using keyboard shortcuts and clicking menu items.

Dragon Dictate commands

By using powerful automation tools that require no coding or prior automation skills, you can start automating tasks on your Mac and be more productive. The more automation actions, macros, and rules you set up, the more time you save.

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