Links to all of the blog posts for Mac Automation Tips appear on the @macautotips Twitter feed, but I also want to provide other ways for readers to access the content.

If you’re prefer reading articles for this site on your iPad, there’s a few ways you can automate that process using IFTTT or the reader later apps, Pocket and Flipboard, as well other RSS feed apps. I typically use my iPad for reading and archiving online articles, PDFs, and ebooks, because it’s so portable and convenient.

Email Subscription

Of course the best and most beneficial way to getting updates Mac Automation Tips is through email subscription. By subscribing you will receive updates about forthcoming webinars, links to free guides, and other resources.

So if you haven’t already, please subscribe (right sidebar) for regular email notices of new articles and post.  Thanks.

Flipboard Magazine

I’ve also added MAT articles to my new Flipboard magazine, which you can subscribe and contribute to Mac automation related articles to. Five other people so far have signed up to the contribute to magazine.


Flipboard is very useful for bookmarking articles you like and want review later. And if you come across other Mac automation articles, feel free to add them to the magazine.

Add to Pocket

I also created an IFTTT recipe that will add all new articles from this site directly to your read later account, Pocket. Please let me know if this recipe doesn’t work for you. (If the image link doesn’t appear, try reloading the page.)

IFTTT Recipe: Mac Automation Tips connects wordpress to pocket

Other Readers

Safari - Explore - - Aug 24 2015 2.13.40 PMThe RSS feed for this site is, which can also be used with RSS feed readers, including Feedly and Reeder 2.

Let me know if there’s some other ways I can share Mac Automation Tips so it’s easier for your to access and read.


Building Community 

In a recent survey I posted to readers of MAT, more than half of the respondents indicated that they are intermediate and advanced Mac automation users. That’s totally awesome, which means we can share ideas and strategies for getting the most out of Mac automation.

The purpose of MAT is to also help other Mac users learn about Mac automation. Thus it will be helpful if you share the content with other Mac users on your social streams and contact list, so they can start taking advantage of the power of Mac automation.

If you have any other suggestions for sharing the content of this site, please let me know in the content section below. And if you’re interested and writing articles or producing other content for the site, please contact me using the contact page.


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