This tutorial is for practicing and getting to know the default Voice Control commands in iOS 13+. Similar commands exist for macOS Catalina. If you want to do this command on your iPhone, you should open this article/tutorial on your Mac or iPad.

Set up Voice Control on iOS:
Open the Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control > Enable Voice Control. Look for the Voice Control icon in the top right side of your iPhone or iPad.

Set up Voice Control in macOS:
Open System Preferences > Accessibility > Voice Control > Enable Voice Control
(Voice controls will be downloaded.) When Voice Control is enabled on your Mac, an onscreen microphone trigger will appear for sleeping and waking the microphone.

Basic iOS Navigation

Note: Voice Control will pick up other ambient voices or sometimes words spoken in a song. It’s best to use Voice Control in a quiet space. You can have non-lyrical music playing in the background.

You don’t have to hold your iOS device too close to your mouth. You may be okay with it sitting in on a table as you practice.

Start Tutorial

With Voice Control enabled on your iOS Device you’re using, say the following commands:
Go through the slide show and say commands in the order that appear. Though the tutorial shows the iPhone in the horizontal, I suggest holding your phone in the vertical position while going through this tutorial.

Part 1

Open Control Center

“Open Clock”

“Go Home”

“Open Safari”

“Open Control Center”

“Tap Wi-Fi”

“Tap Wi-Fi”

“Tap Camera”

(if the Camera app is not in your Control Center, say Tap <say another app>)

“Open Photos”

“Show names”

“Tap Recents”

“Show numbers”

<choose a number to open a photo>

Part 2

Zoom In

“Single Tap”

“Tap Edit”

“Tap Cancel”

“Tap Favorite”

“Tap Favorite”

<to un-favorite the open photo>

Go Back

“Go Home” 

“Show Commands” 

“Show me what to say”

“Go to sleep”

<sleeps Voice Control/microphone>

“Wake up” 

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