After several months of planning, I’m excited to announce the release of my Mac Automation Academy.

For several years I’ve wanted to take MacAutomationTips beyond just a blog site, and provide a space for Mac users to learn and share about Mac automation, and productivity workflows and hacks.

Through trial and error, I finally developed a membership platform that I think focuses on the needs of members.

Why an Academy?

I’ve produced blog posts for MacAutomationTips for over five years now, as well as uploading tutorials to my YouTube channel. While blog posts and YouTube content are useful to many Mac users, I’ve felt like I wasn’t connecting well enough to my readers and viewers.

When producing content for a blog site, I typically try to balance content for existing subscribers, while needing to publish articles that might attract new subscribers. But the Academy is more personal, because it’s directed to the needs of members.

If the Academy has active members, we can all share our Mac automation needs, questions, and ideas. Also, tutorials are specific to the skills of the members, rather than to a general public.

Become a Founding Member

To kick off the Academy, while new courses will be created, I’m opening a Founders Membership for just $20 per year. If you choose to become a Founding Member, your membership will remain that amount for as long you renew.

You will get access to the BetterTouchTool Finger Gesture Course, and all new courses added over the next several months, including courses about Keyboard Maestro and Alfred. 

Founding Membership link

Other Membership Benefits

  1. Weekly Challenges: While courses are great for a membership, I plan to use the Academy to share weekly mini tutorials called Challenges. The challenges are for motivating members to try out and share various automations and workflows. 
  2. Chats: The membership also includes chats forums for asking questions, sharing automation ideas and productivity hacks. 
  3. Webinars: If Academy members are interested, I will also hold webinars to discuss automation strategies and ideas. 

The Membership Platform

The biggest challenge in creating the Academy is finding a platform that was easy to manage and contain useful features. After trying three different platforms and experiencing various challenges building them, I took advantage of a new lifetime subscription to Gurucan, a course and membership platform.

The platform includes courses, chats, challenges, webinars, and articles.

My BTT course is part of the Founding Members membership, and the Intro to SuperTab is a part of the Free membership.

New courses will come online, including courses about Keyboard Maestro, Hazel, Alfred, and other Mac automation and productivity programs.

Membership Platform
Current Courses including the BetterTouchTool Finger Gesture Course and the SuperTab course.
The membership platform includes several chat forums for asking questions and sharing ideas.
There will be bi-weekly challenges for members.
There will also be articles specifically addressing the needs of members.

Hope You Join

I hope that you will consider joining the Academy and supporting the work I’ve been doing for MacAutomationTips. The MacAutomationTips blog and the Academy are not my day jobs, but I do enjoy sharing what I know about Mac automation with other Mac users. 

Let me know if you have any questions and ideas about the Academy. I look forward to your participation. 

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