Last week I updated an article about SuperTab, including highlights of its version 4.0 features. In this follow-up article, I want to drill in on more and discuss a few special Tab Rows for folder displays and file content which may be useful to users of the application.

Video Series

If you’re not familiar with SuperTab and you want to give it a try, check out my five-part tutorial series for setting up the application and learning about its basic and advance features. You can also purchase SuperTab (affiliate link) for 60% off, which comes to a cool $8.

Folder Features

Though folder and files can be added to Custom Tab Rows, SuperTab includes includes three dedicated Tab Rows for folders. The folder Rows  include, Recent Folders, Dropbox Contents, and Folder Contents.

Each of the folder features allow for interacting with folder content within the SuperTab interface.

So let’s look at the three folder features in more detail.

Adding a Folder Row

To add one of the folder rows, hoover your mouse near the button of an existing row and click on the + button in the center of the row. Then select the folder Tab Row you want to add.

Recent Folders

Adding a Recent Folders row will display all the folders that you’ve recently accessed.  This row includes folders you open in the Finder and folders that contain documents that you recently opened.

This Recent Folders row can be handy for just accessing your recently used folders without opening a Finder window.

Click on the gear icon next to the Recent Folders title to select which type of folders you would like displayed. It would be even better if the displayed folders included ones that files where recently added to or removed.

You can also place your cursor over a folder and click on the triangle to access several options for interacting with the folder.

You can select to reveal the folder in the Finder, assign a hotkey to the folder, preview its contents, remove it from the Tab Row, or manage contents. See the screenshot below.

Tip: notice in the above screenshot that the selected folder has a briefcase icon on top of it. You can click on the Decorate feature in the drop-down shown below and add that icon or choose from one of a dozens other ones.

Note: Clicking the triangle on the right side of ANY folder in SuperTab (or right-clicking on it) will display the above folder features, not just the specified folder Tab Rows highlighted in this article.

Manage Contents

Managing folder contents includes settings for configuring and displaying folder content. The other settings are for automatically moving or trashing folder content after a specified time period.

One set of settings allows you to determine how you want the contents of a folder displayed while in SuperTab. For instance, you can select to have all the files shown or only recently added files.

You can have the folder content sorted by creation date, modification date, or name. You can also select to move a selected item to the trash.


The Reduce Clutter settings are for moving files to a Saved Items Folder, either within the designated folder or on the Desktop. A Saved Folder will be created for you and labeled with the SuperTab icon.

The Saved Folder feature only provides two places where the folder will be created, but it’s handy for creating a quick folder backup. There’s also options for designating what items not move.

Folder Contents

Another Tab Row is Folder Contents, which consist of your default Home folders—Applications folder, Documents, Music, Photos, Utilities, Library, etc.

When you click on one of these folders, it opens the contents of the folder in the Tab row (see the gif below.)


You can also hover your cursor over the Tab Row name and click the clog wheel to get options for how you want the contents of folders displayed.

Dropbox Folder

The other type of folder Tab Row is for your Dropbox folders. It allows you to preview certain files and open folders in your Finder.

There’s also an option to create shared link to a selected folder right from within SuperTab. Just click on the triangle attached to the folder and select Create Share Link….

Additional Folder Features

As you learn about the Tab Rows for folders, you’ll see other features and selections, including:

  • Opening folders in the Finder
  • Moving content to the trash
  • Assigning one or more tags
  • Attaching a hotkey to a folder.
  • Copying an image file to the the clipboard

With the latest version of SuperTab, you can also drag a file in the Finder into a folder in a folder Tab Row.

Basically, SuperTab provides you way to interact with folders in all the ways you would do so by opening Finder windows. The great thing about SuperTab is that it stays out of sight until you need it, but it’s easy to access using the assigned hotkey or by clicking on the designated hot corner of your desktop.

Your Thoughts

Since I published my last updated article, many of my readers and subscribers have purchased or updated SuperTab. I hope that you’re find the application as useful as I am. Feel free to let me and the developer know what you like about the application and what other features you would like to see added.

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