Managing Folders In SuperTab

Last week I updated an article about SuperTab, including highlights of its version 4.0 features. In this follow-up article, I want to drill in on more and discuss a few special Tab Rows for folder displays and file content which may be useful to users of the application. Video Series If you’re not familiar with …

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SuperTab 4.0 vs the Dock [Updated]

The Apple Dock has been a long-time staple of OS X, but for Mac automators and power users, the Dock is embarrassingly limited when compared to an alternative application like SpriTec’s SuperTab. I’ve been a user of SuperTab for over a year now, and have referenced it in several previous articles for this site. But the recent 4.0 update of SuperTab warrants …

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SuperTab 3.0 Puts Multiple Docks At Your Finger Tips

Last year I wrote a review of the multi-dock application, SuperTab, describing how it leaves Apple’s traditional Dock behind in the dust when it comes to doing more than just launching applications. Well now the 3.0 version of SuperTab  was recently released, and it addresses many of the features that I and other users have been waiting to see …

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