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Often when I’m working on project or taking notes for a meeting, I need to quickly reference a calendar date, and I find it a hassle to stop and click open the mini menu bar calendar associated with Informant, the task manager I use. Unfortunately, the mini calendar can’t be opened with a global shortcut.

But a quick Google search revealed a lightweight application called Mini Calendar, which is exactly solution I need.

HotKey Trigger

Mini Calendar includes a global hotkey that when triggered displays the calendar in the menu bar. In addition, you can select to have a miniature calendar display on your desktop permanently, or you can click on the icon in the menu bar or Dock to view the calendar.

Mini Calendar (FREE!)
Mini Calendar is free in the Mac App Store. If you use the app, give the developers a good rating for their work.

String Trigger

If you’ve followed MacAutomationTips for while, you know I don’t like taking my hands off the main keys to punch a hotkey. Instead, I like to use what’s called a Keyboard Maestro string trigger.

In this case, if I'm typing, and I need to check a calendar date, I simply type my assigned string trigger, “cldd”, which in turn triggers the hotkey for Mini Calendar.

Now unfortunately, when I trigger the mini calendar, the focus goes to the calendar window in the menu bar, which means I have to drag the cursor back to the application where I’m typing.

To quickly get back to the application I'm working in, I added a Pause Until Conditions are Met action, which means for this macro, when I click the Space key, the action will  activate the last application I was working in. That way, I can view the date I seeking, and then hit the Space bar and keep typing.

If you’re familiar with how to use Keyboard Maestro, here’s how the macro is set up.


BTT Finger Trigger

Similarly, I also set up a BetterTouchTool finger gesture to quickly display the calendar. Instead of dragging my cursor to the menu bar of the 27” iMac, or do the Dock to display the mini calendar, I simply perform an assigned 3 Force Click finger gesture on my Desktop Finder, and it will trigger the Mini Calendar hotkey.

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