Use Finger Gestures to Trigger Menu Items, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Over a 100 Pre-Defined Actions on Your Mac


BetterTouchTool is powerful application that can be used to trigger keyboard shortcuts, menu items, and over 200 pre-defined actions using over 200 finger gestures. Use the the MacAutomationTips affiliate link to download and purchase BetterTouchTool. 

Why You Should Use BetterTouchTool

As the above video describes, BetterTouchTool enables you to trigger over a 100 actions while your hand is your trackpad. With BetterTouchTool, can be more productive and not have to remember keyboard shortcuts or drag your cursor to the top of the screen to click menu items. You can simply swipe, click, or use force touch gestures to trigger menu items and other actions on your Mac. When you hand is already on your trackpad or mouse, you don’t have to always move it back to the keyboard in order to trigger an action. BetterTouchTool can even trigger multiple actions with a single assigned finger gesture.

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Course Sections and Topics:

  • Intro to Course
  • Create Actions & Gestures
  • 50 BTT Actions 
  • My BTT Library
  • BTT Pre-Defined Gestures
  • Configurable Actions 
  • Configurable Actions 
  • App Specific Ations
  • Safari Actions & Gesutres
  • Mutli-Action Gesures 
  • Advanced Gestures 
  • Key Sequence Actions
  • BTT Contextual Menu
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Screen Capture Features
  • Drawing Features
  • Window Actions 
  • BTT Remote app

Course Features:

Also Viewable on iOS Devices

My course is delivered through the online course website, Gumroad, which enables you to watch the videos both on your Mac and iOS devices.


Course includes 13 videos totaling a little over an hour of viewing time that showing you all you need to know about BTT. 



My course includes instructional guides with screenshots on every page to supplement what you will learn in the videos.

Online Tutoring

If you need it, I will also provide up to 30 minutes of online tutoring to walk you through questions you have about using BTT as part of your personal workflow. 

What BTT course Students say

As a Home Automation Specialist, I constantly use a lot of web based services and “control panels’. Configuring BTT shortcuts makes navigation within and between all the different systems I have to use a lot easier. BTT can be complicated and intimidating when using for the first time. The BTT course makes it easier and faster to get up to speed and start using BTT.

Robert Spivack

Doitforme Solution

Bakari! Just wanted to send you a huge shout of thanks for your site and for your Better Touch Tool course. I feel like I have entered a whole new world! Thanks for taking the time to create the course. BTT is so incredibly powerful, and I can’t believe how much faster it is than almost everything else. You rock! PS I would really love to see you do a course on Keyboard Maestro. Your teaching style is great, and I don’t feel like anyone has really done a great KM course anywhere yet.

Bodie Quirk

Web Designer

I was totally new to BetterTouchTool and was wondering how to learn more about it without getting overwhelmed by it’s many options. Enter Bakari’s BTT course. This course gets you started and shows you what’s possible, using easy-to-understand examples. And once you build confidence, it ramps up for more advanced options. I would never have mastered BTT without this tutorial.

Glenn Hodas

Head of Design, Hodas and Associates

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