Use Dozens of Finger Gestures  to Trigger Menu Items and 100s of Other Actions on Your Mac


 Why You Should Learn and Use BetterTouchTool

As my above YouTube video describes, BetterTouchTool enables you to trigger over a 100 actions while your hand is your trackpad. With BetterTouchTool, can be more productive and not have to remember keyboard shortcuts or drag your cursor to the top of the screen to click menu items. You can simply swipe, click, or use force touch gestures to trigger menu items and other actions on your Mac. 

BetterTouchTool is an affordable application, and my course can teach you everything you need to learn the program.  You can download the application here.

Course Sections and Topics

  • Intro to Course 
  • BetterTouchTool 
  • Create Actions & Gestures
  • 50 BTT Actions 
  • My BTT Library Of Gestures 
  • BTT Pre-Defined Gestures 
  • Configurable Actions
  • App Specific Actions
  • Safari Actions & Gestures
  • Multi-Action Gestures
  • Advanced Gestures
  • Key Sequence Actions
  • BTT Contextual Menu
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Screen Capture Features
  • Drawing Features 
  • Window Actions
  • BTT Remote App

Course Features

13 Videos

My course includes 13 videos (totaling a little over an hour of viewing time) that take you step by step through every feature of BetterTouchTool. 

11 PDF Guides

My course includes instructional guides with screenshots on every page to supplement what you will learn in the videos. 

Online tutoring‚Äč

If you need it, I will also provide you up to 30 minutes of online tutoring to work through questions you have about using BetterTouchTool as part of your personal workflow.

Also Viewable on iOS Devices 

My course is delivered through the online course website, Gumroad, which enables you to watch the videos both on your Mac and iOS devices. 

Get instant access to the course now!

Bonus: for new users of BetterTouchTool, this course now includes a BTT Starter Set, which features a set of Global actions and gestures, and presets for Apple Mail, Safari, and the Finder. You can use more than one set of actions and gestures in BTT. So this set is intended to get you started. 

What course students have said:

My Go-To source for Automation Tips...

MacAutomationTips is now my go-to source for researching new apps to improve my efficiency for my legal business. I've learned the valuable lesson that if I can figure out even a minor hack to be more efficient-- that minor hack can save hundreds of hours of inefficient work. Taking the BetterTouchTool course helped me automate tasks so I could spend more time face to face with my legal customers and my family rather than wasted in front of the computer.

Victor Bernice, Esq // Traffic Lawyer

Robert Spivack

Very Helpful to Master BTT

As a Home Automation Specialist, I constantly use a lot of web based services and "control panels'. Configuring BTT shortcuts makes navigation within and between all the different systems I have to use a lot easier. BTT can be complicated and intimidating when using for the first time.

The BTT course makes it easier and faster to get up to speed and start using BTT.

Robert Spivack // 

You rock!

Bakari! Just wanted to send you a huge shout of thanks for your site and for your Better Touch Tool course. I feel like I have entered a whole new world! Thanks for taking the time to create the course. BTT is so incredibly powerful, and I can't believe how much faster it is than almost everything else. You rock! PS I would really love to see you do a course on Keyboard Maestro. Your teaching style is great, and I don't feel like anyone has really done a great KM course anywhere yet.

Bodie Quirk // Web Designer

Product Overview Section

The purpose of this section is to provide an overview of your product. This could be an outline of chapters in your ebook, lessons in your course, modules in your coaching program etc. The reader should come away from this with a very clear idea of what they will get for their money.


Intro video tutorials: The first section of video tutorials go over the user interface BetterTouchTool and its main features. You will be creating your first action and gestures within a few minutes of viewing the second video.


My course provides lots of examples of actions and gestures you can use with Mac applications. I explain how to use BetterTouchTool with Safari so that you can navigate between web pages, quickly view your favorite bookmarks and history, and close tabs without using keyboard shortcuts or dragging your finger to the menu bar.


My course covers the advance features of BetterTouchTool.  It took me over a year to become aware of the advance features BetterTouchTool has to over, but with my course you'll learn about advance features in a very short time and apply what you learn to your own workflow..

Bakari Chavanu  // Instructor

I am the creator of, a website started in 2015 that focuses on helping Mac users increase their productivity by using Mac automation applications.

I have written hundreds of articles about Mac applications and Mac automation, and for five years was the staff writer for a leading online magazine, 

I am  passionate about helping Mac users get the most out of using their Mac. With a background in teaching, videography, wedding photography, and now online content producer, I have over 20 years experience of working at his Mac to get things done.

Bakari Chavanu

Bakari Chavanu, creator of MacAutomationTips

Constantly setting up new gestures...

This is a superb resource and after discovering the MacAutomationTips website I have integrated many automation tools into my daily workflow: BTT, Hazel, Automator, Workflow App, Snappy App and Keyboard Maestro to name but a few.

I had heard how great BTT was so I was curious to find out more about it. I took part in Bakari's course and came away feeling like a power user.

The course is well paced and consists mainly of video lessons with some pdf support material. It is easy to follow along and try out what has just been taught. All BTT's features are covered from setting up simple gestures to power tips. I would recommend this course to anyone. After completing it you will constantly be setting up new BTT gestures. Be warned though. It will make it harder working on computers without BTT installed.

Michael Coyle  // Graphic Designer



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't think my course provides the what you need to learn BetterTouchTool after viewing a few lessons, just let us know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

Bakari Chavanu

Copyright 2017, MacAutomationTips



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