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What Academy Members Get

Access to All Courses

Mac Automation Academy currently features two courses, covering the powerful finger gesture application, BetterTouchTool and and multi-dock application, SuperTab. Over the next weeks and month additional courses will be added, including courses about Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, Hazel, iClip, task management applications, and many more. 


BetterTouchTool enables you to trigger menu items, keyboard shortcuts, and over a hundred other actions using dozens of finger gestures. This course will teach you all you need to know about using BetterTouchTool



SuperTab is a handy unobtrusive app that remains hidden until you need it. This FREE course explains how to use SuperTab to launch apps, websites, and files, set up automations for hiding and quitting applications.


Keyboard Maestro

The forthcoming Keyboard Maestro course will explain the basic and advanced features of the app, and how to incorporate it in your daily workflow. As a founding member, you will get access as lessons are released released. 


Paid Membership

Because Mac Automation Academy is a new and soon to be growing membership site, you are invited to become a founding member at a very low price of $20/year.

Free Membership

You’re welcome to check out a few courses and membership challenges to get a taste of the Academy. After signing up for the free access, you can become a full member at any time.

Membership Portal

Mac Automation Academy is optimized for the web and an iOS mobile app. The membership portal and app includes not only video courses, but course chats, weekly challenges, PDF downloads, access to webinars, and articles. Scan the QR-code for the App in the App Store.

What Academy Members Get

Weekly Tips and Challenges

The content Mac Automation Academy will focus on the needs of its members. Members will be regularly surveyed about the applications they’re using and what type of tasks, projects, and workflows they perform on a regular basis. Tips and how-tos will be posted in the membership portal at least three times a week. And because the content is customized for members, it will be straight to the point and relevant to the needs of members.

Outline Chats and tutoring

Mac Automation Academy includes online chats about automation software, workflows, and productivity strategies. Webinars are also held based on the needs of members. There’s also available one-on-one personal tutoring.

Who Mac Automation Academy Is For


Mac Newbies

New Mac users who want to be Mac automators and power users. If you want to get the most out of Mac applications, features, and automations, Mac Automation Academy will help you get powered up. You will eventually go beyond clicking keyboard shortcuts and menu items, and start using automation software to trigger trigger things for you.   



Mac Professionals

Mac Automation Academy is very useful for people users who use their Mac for work and professional use. You might be a photographer, writer, lawyer, graphic designer, blogger, web developer. The Academy will teach you how to build workflows to automate redundant tasks.


Mac Geeks

Mac automation is also fun and easy to learn. When you create actions and macros, you can sit back and watch actions run. You will feel like a tech developer who is solving workflow problems. Once you get started creating actions and workflows, you will want to automate nearly everything you do. 

MacAutomationTips is now my go-to source for researching new apps to improve my efficiency for my legal business. I’ve learned the valuable lesson that if I can figure out even a minor hack to be more efficient– that minor hack can save hundreds of hours of inefficient work. Taking the BetterTouchTool course helped me automate tasks so I could spend more time face to face with my legal customers and my family rather than wasted in front of the computer.

Victor Bernace, Esq.


Bakari! Just wanted to send you a huge shout of thanks for your site and for your Better Touch Tool course. I feel like I have entered a whole new world! Thanks for taking the time to create the course. BTT is so incredibly powerful, and I can’t believe how much faster it is than almost everything else. You rock! PS I would really love to see you do a course on Keyboard Maestro. Your teaching style is great, and I don’t feel like anyone has really done a great KM course anywhere yet.

Bodi Quirk

Web Designer

MacAutomationTips is my go-to site when I’m wanting to automate a repetitive part of my daily workflow. The app suggestions have saved me an incredible amount of time, and helped standardized my workflows. Highly recommended. I was totally new to BetterTouchTool and was wondering how to learn more about it without getting overwhelmed by it’s many options. This course gets you started and shows you what’s possible, using easy-to-understand examples.  

Glenn Hodas


Your Academy Instructor

Bakari is the creator of, a website started in 2015 that focuses on helping Mac users increase their productivity by using Mac automation applications.

Bakari has written hundreds of articles about Mac applications and Mac automation, and for five years was the staff writer for a leading online magazine, Bakari has over 20 years experience of working at his Mac to get things done.

Become a Founding Member: Join Mac Automation Academy Today

The goal of Mac Automation Academy is to make the membership site focused on the needs of its members. Content will be produced by the the Academy instructor, and members will be invited to share the automation workflows and strategies they’re working or have produced. 

By participating in the Academy, you will find yourself producing Mac automation actions and workflows for nearly all the actions you perform on your Mac. 

You will be to tab into the collective knowledge and experience of the members in the community who use Mac automation software in the work they do. 

We look forward to you joining and participating in the Academy.