Introduction to SuperTab:
A 5-Part Mini Course


Use SuperTab and increase your productivity multi-docks hidden away until you need them.


SuperTab you enables you create multiple dock-like rows for launching applications, web pages, files and folders; automatically hiding and quitting applications; triggering screen shots; starting a new email; and even viewing your current calendar events. SuperTab includes dozens of features for helping you perform tasks with a simple click of your mouse.

Sample SuperTab Actions:

LAUNCHER: Launch applications, open files and folders, and download web pages. You can also launch System Preferences items directly from SuperTab.  

HIDE AND QUIT APPS: SuperTab enables you to set applictions to hide or quit after a specified time in the backround. This feature declutter your desktop.

Have SuperTab auto type or paste snippets of text, passwords into any application, with a simple click of your mouse or assigned shortcut. 

SCREEN SHOTS: SuperTab enables you to take several different types of screenshots without having to remember shortcuts. 

Mini Course Sections and Content


SuperTab is a powerfully useful Dock-like applications that allows you to open applications, files, folders, URLs—nearly anything you place in your multiple rows. SuperTab can also be used to automatically hide or quit applications in the background after a specified amount of time. It can capture clipboard content, paste pre-set in any application, and even show your recent calendar dates.

  • Configuring SuperTab Prefrences
    • Setting keyboard activation, voice control, hot corners, size of tab rows, row icons, backdrop and name overlays.
  • Customizing the layout of SuperTab
    • Setting up and previewing the layout of your SuperTab arrangement. 
  • Types of SuperTab Rows
    • Choosing types of rows, including Active and Recent Applications, Recent Folders, Dropbox Contents, Finder Sidebar Items, Clipboard History
  • Using Auto-Type Feature
    • Running auto-completion triggers, including inserting snippets of texts, passwords, URLs, template letters, etc.
  • Apply Actions to Row Items
    • Changing Row names, splitting rows.
  • Setting Hotkeys
    • Assigning hotkeys and icons to individual row items. 
  • Setting Up Meta-Folders
    • SuperTab Meta-Folders allow you to add less used items to folders in your rows so that that your rows are not so cluttered. 
  • Setting Up Screenshot Triggers
    • SuperTab allows for setting up screenshot triggers including selection shots, window and full screen, and delay time shots. 

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