If you’re lucky enough to have two more screen monitors for your Mac, Keyboard Maestro can be highly helpful for automatically moving designated applications to the second monitor.

When I launch Disk Utility,  iTunes or Rdio, I rarely need to uses these applications on my primary monitor. I usually keep them parked on the second monitor instead.

Macro Setup

Here’s how to set up the workflow for this automation.

1. Create a new macro, and select Trigger by application. Choose the application you want to open on the second monitor.

Keyboard Maestro Editor

2. Click on the “Interface Control” folder. Add “Manipulate a Window” to macro.

Open Actions Library

3. Click on the “Scale size by” drop-down and select any of the preset sizes under “Move and Resize”

Select a Custom Preset Size

4. Click on “Move and Resize” and select “Center at”.

Choose Center at

5. Change the coordinates in the two fields to the following.

Change the Cordinates

Test your macro to see if it works. The application window should move to the center of the second monitor, when it’s activated.

SuperTab Hide 

If you really want to be lazy, you can also use SuperTab to automatically hide and/or quit the application after a specified time of none use.



Let me know what you think of this workflow, and similar macros you use for automating tasks.

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