If you’re a content producer (blogger, web designer, writer, etc.), you owe it to yourself to use the nifty screenshot application, SnappyApp (Free) and/or Tiny for Mac.


What makes SnappyApp different is that it automatically opens a screenshot when you take it, so you can view it for references purposes, and/or save it as an image file.


Because SnappyApp includes a global hotkey, in the following video, I show you how I activate SnappyApp using the finger gesture application, BetterTouchTool, and voice dictation application, Dragon Dictate.


Tiny for Mac

Note: after writing this article, I came across another Mac screenshot application similar to SnapApp. This is application called Tiny for Mac (Free). It works with the default screenshot feature for OS X. So when you take a screenshot using the default keyboard shortcut (Shift+Command+4), Tiny for Mac will save and rename the screenshot using the name of the open window or webpage you’re taking the screenshot in, and then, like SnappyApp, it will provide a Quick Look view of the screenshot, which can then be opened in Preview if you want.

Update: It seems that Tiny for Mac is not longer available. BetterTouchTool can basically perform the same task.

Useful Automation?

Let me know if you have this type of automation useful. Do you think you could benefit from getting beyond using keyboard shortcuts to activate applications  and tasks on your Mac? I welcome your feedback.

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