When you need the version number of the current Mac operating system, Keyboard Maestro can display it, save it to the clipboard, or directly paste it an application for you, so you don’t have to click on Apple > About This Mac to get it.

1. To create this macro, use the Execute AppleScript action. Copy and paste the following script in the text box:
set sysinfo to system info
set osver to system version of sysinfo
Keyboard Maestro Editor Keyboard Maestro, Today at 10.01.21 AM
2. Now select how you want to display or save the clip. I chose “paste results,” because I usually need to paste the number rather than simply see it.
3. Next, assign the macro a trigger.
Keyboard maestro_action
I assigned it as a macro palette entry, but I also mapped the macro to a Dragon Dictate voice command using the AppleScript assigned to the script. That way I don’t have to bother pulling down the macro palette or using a keyboard shortcut to execute the action. I just voice my assigned command, “Paste OS X number.”
 Keyboard Maestro Editor Keyboard Maestro, Today at 9.52.32 AM

 Always Handy

You may not need the OS X version number on a weekly or even monthly basis, but this click saving macro comes in handy when you need it.
Let me know what you think of this macro, and please share with me and my readers other macros that you use.
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