When you’re brainstorming and typing titles, it’s a hassle to stop and capitalize the first letter of each word for the title. But with Keyboard Maestro, your line of text can be automatically converted to title case with either a hotkey or by typing a string of letters at the end of a line of text.

View the short video demo to see the title conversion in action. (Note: If the embedded video doesn’t play or show, go to this direct link.)

So basically what you just saw is me typing a line of text, and then I typed what is called a string trigger that activated in the background the assigned Keyboard Maestro macro. In KM, the macro looks likes this:

Keyboard Maestro_title_case


What the macro does is activate the keyboard shortcut for selecting a line of text. Then it copies the selected text to what is called a Named Clipboard. From there, it converts the copied line of text on the System Clipboard and converts it to title case. And lastly it pastes the converted text.

The string combination I use is “tcc”, but you can use any string of letters that helps you remember the macro. You can also use or add a Hotkey, useful for when you select a group of words, say in a paragraph.

Available in Macro Library

Luckily, I think this macro is located in the Keyboard Maestro Macro Library. In Keyboard Maestro, click on Window>Macro Library, and then click on the Text Folder. From there, click and insert the Convert To Title Case macro.

If the macro is not available in the Macro Library, download it here.

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Note also that the cursor related application, PopClip, can also quickly convert a line of text to title case.

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