Bartender 4 Big Sur User Interface

Bartender 4 (now in public beta) has been redesigned for macOS Big Sur, and you’re going like how easier it is to use.

The menu bar management application provides a cleaner user interface, including a search bar for Mac users who have a couple of dozen apps in their menu bar.

Check out the video above, and I think you’ll agree that Bartender 4 is a remarkable upgrade.

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Other Notable Big Sur Updates

Other automation related apps including automation applications, Timing and Hazel.

Hazel 5.0

The classic folder actions application, Hazel (click her to download), got the biggest update, because now it’s no resides in System Preferences, but it’s an independent application, and with a new redesign.

All the rules and features are still there, with a few other ones added.

New layout for Hazel 5.0 for Big Sur.

However, it is a $20 upgrade. I don’t think Hazel has had a paid upgrade in quite a while, so that seems fair that it should require one now. I’ve been using Hazel for at least a decade now, and I have to have one.


My favorite and daily used time tracking app, Timing (reviewed here), got a fresh makeover that is optimized for Big Sur, has a cleaner, fresh design. Timing also includes a several new features for power users, including the option to automatically stop tasks when your computer is idle. The application also support Notifications.

Timing is great for freelancers who need to keep a timesheet of the work they’re doing. Or even if you don’t need to give time reports, Timing can help you manage your time.

What’s Your Big Sur Favorites

If you upgraded to Big Sur, please share what you favorite upgraded applications you’re using.

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