Switching to ClickUp has solved nearly all my task and project management needs and challenges.

I switched from Todoist because ClickUp provides a variety features that I couldn’t find in other task managers, such multiple ways to view tasks, adding custom fields, and applying automation triggers.

Last year I wrote review of ClickUp, but this article shares 9 features that I find useful in my daily workflow. ClickUp releases new updates and features on nearly a weekly basis.

If you’re looking for task manager, definitely check out ClickUp, which has both a free and premium subscription.

Project and List Templates

ClickUp allows for saving workspaces, lists, and projects and templates. You can choose what elements you want to include and includes in your templates. You also get access to Community Templates to help you get started on projects. 

Mind Maps

In addition to traditional lists and timelines, ClickUp provides several ways to create tasks and projects. It’s very handy to have a mind mapping feature available for any list or project. Elements of a mind map can be turned into tasks, or you can simply use the maps for brainstorming ideas.

Embed nearly anything

ClickUp Theis more than a task manager, it can be used to embed videos, Figma graphic designs, Google sheets, maps, calendars, etc. When you’re working on a project, you can attach and embed related resources for quicker access. 

ClickUp automation feature for entire lists


Though automations can ‘t be added to individual tasks, they can be added to lists. ClickUp is one of the few task managers that includes automation feature for triggering actions based changes to tasks, status, custom fields, etc. This feature means you don’t have to create complicated IFTTT actions outside of the application. 

ClickUp custom fields.png

Custom Fields

ClickUp provides custom fields for nearly any type of data you want. Fields include checkboxes, drop-down labels, short and long text boxes, formulas, number and currency fields, phone numbers, emails, and the like. These fields can be filtered in list views as well.
ClickUp board view

Multiple views of Tasks

ClickUp provides a dozen different ways to view and manage tasks and projects. Though I mainly use the traditional task list view, the board, calendar, and timeline views come in handy for me as well. For teams, the workload, gantt, and box views can be very useful.

ClickUp automation feature for entire lists

Share and Embed Lists

If you don’t work with a team of other ClickUp members, you can still share task lists with using a custom public link, or embed a list in a webpage. I personally have many of my lists shared in my Biscuit browser for convenient access. If you have a premium plan, you can actually invite guests to interact with your lists.

ClickUp custom fields.png


It’s really convenient to favorite any list or task for easier access in the sidebar. My Current  Week in Calendar view of tasks is handy for getting a quick overview of my tasks for the week, so I can move move them around or mark them as already done. My Quarterly Goals lists are also important to remind me what of what I’m trying accomplish and what I’m behind on.

ClickUp board view

ClickUp Reminders

Often times, I might want to set a task reminder that doesn’t belong to a particular project, and ClickUp makes it quick and easy to create reminders on both the desktop and mobile versions of the app. You can also select to put an individual task in a tray for quick access, as well as quickly create a new document or time tracker.

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