Get Up to Speed with Mac Automation

Save time and get answers with hands on tutoring.

Benefits of coaching/tutoring

  • Private Mac automation tutoring that addresses your particular needs and workflow.
  • Tutoring sessions fit your schedule. The hours can be split into more than one session.
  • Record your sessions with me for playback.
  • Detail follow-up to your email questions after sessions.

Learn about these and other powerful tools

Keyboard Maestro

Learn to set up time triggers, and trigger actions while you type.


Learn how to trigger all types of Mac actions using finger gestures. 


Learn how to automate snippets of text.

Alfred or Raycast

Learn to type and trigger applications, do quick we searches, retrieve clipboard clippings, and much more.


Learn how to fit the Dock-like application, SuperTab into your daily workflow.


Learn to use this clipboard manager to be more productive in daily tasks and projects.

Amazing Marvin

I can help you get up and running with the powerful productivity manager, Amazing Marvin. 

Arc Web Browser

If you work in web browser applications throughout the day, the Spaces-based application Arc is the best application to use. I’ll help you get set up.


Hazel is a powerful tool for automatically managing files and folders on your Mac based on the rules you set. I can show you how to get the most out of the application. 

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About Your Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions are held using Zoom. Any technical issues with these applications are not included in your tutoring sessions time. You will be able to record your sessions for later review. You will let me know what your needs are before the tutoring session in order make the best use of your time.

Schedule your Time

We can schedule tutoring sessions times that fit your schedule. If you want to do a 30-minute session one day, and another 30 minute session the next day or the following week, that’s okay. Breaking up sessions will give you time to apply what you’re learning and then come back with additional questions.


Your instructor, Bakari Chavanu, has written and produced hundreds of articles about Mac and iOS software, productivity strategies, and Mac automation software. He is the author the The Awesome Automation Guide for Mac OS X ( brings his experience as a tech writer for general Mac users and as a high school teacher for 20 years to online tutoring sessions. He provides hands-on experience and helps you think through the tasks you need to get done.

MacAutomationTips is now my go-to source for researching new apps to improve my efficiency for my legal business. I’ve learned the valuable lesson that if I can figure out even a minor hack to be more efficient– that minor hack can save hundreds of hours of inefficient work. Taking the BetterTouchTool course helped me automate tasks so I could spend more time face to face with my legal customers and my family rather than wasted in front of the computer.

Victor Bernace, Esq.

Benefits of online Tutoring Sessions

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Learn to how to effectively use any macOS application, automation tools including Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander, BetterTouchTool, Alfred, Automator, Hazel, Dragon Dictate, and other third-party Mac and iOS applications.

Hands-on Tutoring

Learn faster with hands-on tutoring, and decrease the need to spend hours and weeks reading manuals or watching tutorial videos. Plus, I will show you based on my personal experience, strategies and workflows that app manuals don’t provide instructions and insight for..

Fit Your Schedule

Choose a time that fits your schedule, and know that at the end of the tutoring session(s) you will have gained skills that you can build on for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare of a tutoring session?
How you prepare depends on what your needs are, but generally you will email me and let me know applications you want to focus on and what are some specific features and automation strategies you want to learn about.
Can you create automations for me?
Depending on what your particular needs are, I may be able to create macros for you as part of your tutoring session, but the goal is to show you how to create automations yourself.
Where do the online sessions take place?
We can hold sessions via Google Meet. I will send you a link to the session.
Which applications do you cover?
I can tutor you in most macOS applications, third-party applications, and iOS apps. You will need to let know which application(s) you want help with.
Do you troubleshoot technical issues?
No, I rather not address technical issues with you Mac or applications. Those issues are best handled by Mac and application developers.
Do you cover coding?
No, tutoring sessions only cover the use of Mac applications, including automation applications, and third-party Mac applications.

Let Me Know Your Needs