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Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is the most powerful automation application for general Mac users. Keyboard Maestro allows for creating what are called macros, that can automate the manual steps and actions you take to complete tasks, from downloading a webpage to copying and pasting text. Keyboard Maestro provides several ways to trigger automations, and it can greatly reduce redundant tasks you manually perform.
MAT articles about Keyboard Maestro


BetterTouchTool is hands down the most powerful finger gesture application for Mac users. It includes hundreds of actions (e.g., opening applications and files, resizing windows, copying and pasting text, clicking menu items in the background) that you can trigger with an assigned finger gesture. BTT leaves the finger gesture features of OS X in the dust. If you work at your Mac on a daily basis, you should definitely start using BTT. MAT articles about BetterTouchTool


Hazel is a folder action application that installs in your the System Preferences of your Mac. It allows for applying rules to any selected folder, including the desktop, on your Mac. For example, you can have Hazel automatically empty your Mac’s trash after it reaches a certain megabyte or higher of content. Another rule can clean off your desktop after files have been on it for a specified amount of time. MAT articles about Hazel


PopClip provides you instant access to a few dozen of actions, such as copy and paste, text formatting, Google search, when you select text in any application. You’ll be amazed at how much clicking and typing PopClip can save you. MAT articles about PopClip


Alfred is a great tool for quickly finding and launcing applications, URLs, and files by simply triggering it by pressing Space+Command Key, and then typing what you want. You can also do web searches, play iTunes songs, search and paste from your clipboard history, locate a contact, set a calendar date, adn much more.


ScreenFloat is a screenshot application with a twist. After it takes a shot, the image remains open on your desktop so that you can review as you work. You can save all your clippings to Screenfloat library. I use Screenfloat several times a day because it quickly allows me to capture information and access it when I need it. See more here.


SuperTab is mainly an application launcher similar to the macOS Dock, but SuperTab offers dozens of other features including the ability to download web links, trigger screenshots, access Finder folders, insert text, and hide and quit applications after a specified set of time.


TextExpander is a word processing program that automatically expands words, phrases, or larger snippets of text based on abbreviated text you assign to a snippet of text. You can create abbreviations for form letters, URL addresses, email signatures, etc. TextExpander also can correct common misspelled words, or you can add words you frequently misspell and have TextExpander correct them for you.