[Survey] Which Mac Tasks Do You Regularly Perform?

The best way to get started with Mac automation is to identify Mac tasks you regularly perform on your Mac, and then figure out which ones can be automated. Though computers are supposed to save us time and help us be more productive, many computer users perform redundant tasks without knowing that many actions can …

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New Years Resolution: Automate More

About about month ago, subscribers to this website did me a favor and responded to a survey about Mac automation and this website. The results of that are very useful to me because they provide an idea of what my readers need as Mac automators. Two questions I ask in the survey are about how …

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100 BetterTouchTool Presets at Your Finger Tips

The most amazing features about BetterTouchTool are the over 100 preset actions that can be triggered with over 50 finger gestures. BetterTouchTool is one of the first Mac automation programs I recommend to Mac users interested in using Mac automation. Below, I present screenshots of about half of the most useful BTT preset actions so that you can peruse …

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