Last Updated on March 26, 2020 by Bakari Chavanu

The following video explain an Mac automation for how I quickly switch back and forth between applications. This tip is for those who are already familiar with BetterTouchTool and Keyboard Maestro (affiliate link).

Keyboard Maestro Macro

Here’s the set up for Keyboard Maestro macro. I assigned a hotkey, and then mapped that hotkey to the BetterTouchTool finger gesture.

Keyboard Maestro macro

BetterTouchTool Trigger

For the BetterTouchTool set up, you can assign a different finger gesture if you like. I found that the 3 Finger Clickswipe Up worked best. (See my course about BetterTouchTool for more tips like this one.)

BetterTouchTool action

Your Mac Automation Tip?

If you have a quick tip or workflow you would like to share, contact me and I will send you the guidelines for setting it up the article.

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