Open Diary: My Year In Apple Hardware and Software

Yesterday I came across Ben Lovejoy’s article, “Opinion: My end-of-year report card for Apple’s 2018 hardware,” which provides a really good overview and critique of Apple hardware releases and non-releases this year. After I finished reading it, I thought I’d write a similar piece, but focus more on what Apple related hardware and software I …

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MacAutomationTips Survey for 2019 Improvements

Maintaining MacAutomationTips takes a lot of work and time figuring out the most useful content for you, my readers and subscribers. Your responses to this survey will help me improve the site in the coming year. Please take a few minutes to answer the following 10 survey questions. I really appreciate your time and feedback. …

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My 10 Favorite Applications for 2018

Ask Mac Automator: Creating a Voice Command

I pleased to share my response to another Ask Mac Automator question. Though the workflow in response to this particular solution may not seem to apply to most people, it actually does, because it shows how the workflow in one application can be used in another to application to solve a particular problem. Here’s the problem: …

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From Apple Finder to Path Finder for Power Users

Share0 Tweet0 Path Finder for Power UsersI will admit straight up that article is not an exhaustive review of the powerful Path Finder 8, a classic alternative to the Apple Finder. There’s tons features that I don’t cover. But I do highlight many of the features not found in Apple’s Finder, and a few other …

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10 Ways to Work Smarter Using Mac Automation

The key to being more productive on your Mac is using automated features built into the Mac operating system, and third-party programs that can automate one or more tasks for you.  The purpose of the following list is to provide you ideas about what features, applications, and strategies you could use to work smarter on your …

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Ask Mac Automator: Triggering a Folder Action

I don’t suppose it’s possible to share a macro for using KM to create and send an email based on a file being present in a particular folder? BTW loving the site! —Mark It’s always a pleasure to receive Ask Mac Automator questions, because they give me an idea of the workflow needs of my subscribers, and …

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100 BetterTouchTool Presets at Your Finger Tips

The most amazing features about BetterTouchTool are the over 100 preset actions that can be triggered with over 50 finger gestures. BetterTouchTool is one of the first Mac automation programs I recommend to Mac users interested in using Mac automation. Below, I present screenshots of about half of the most useful BTT preset actions so that you can peruse …

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BetterTouchTool and Keyboard Maestro

Quickly Switch Between Two Applications

The following video explain an Mac automation for how I quickly switch back and forth between applications. This tip is for those who are already familiar with BetterTouchTool and Keyboard Maestro. Keyboard Maestro Macro Here’s the set up for Keyboard Maestro macro. I assigned a hotkey, and then mapped that hotkey to the BetterTouchTool finger gesture.   BetterTouchTool Trigger For the BetterTouchTool set up, you …

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Quickly Trigger a Popup Calendar

Often when I’m working on project or taking notes for a meeting, I need to quickly reference a calendar date, and I find it a hassle to stop and click open the mini menu bar calendar associated with Informant, the task manager I use. Unfortunately, the mini calendar can’t be opened with a global shortcut. But …

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