MacSmart Webinar: Keyboard Maestro vs Automator

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When it comes to Mac automation, the default OS X program, Automator, is nearly obsolete when compared to the third-party application, Keyboard Maestro.

But if you’re new to Mac automation, and you want to increase your Mac  productivity, launching Automator and assembling a few workflows can be a useful way to prepare for the even more powerful program, Keyboard Maestro.

MacSmart Webinar

I’m happy to announce that my second MacSmart webinar will focus on both introducing and comparing Automator and Keyboard Maestro.

Mac Automator

This free webinar is intended for anyone interested in learning about  the programs, and for Mac users who may have created some actions and workflows using Automator and KM, but are wanting to do more with the program.

I’ve decided to do live webinars, first because I think the Crowdcast hosting site makes producing and holding webinar presentations a hundred times easier than the few Google Hangout-supported programs I’ve used in the past.

Crowdcast webinars feel sorta like holding a little get together, to meet and talk using the hosting site’s chat and polling features. While written blog and videos will never go away, interactive webinars help me connect with other newbie and experienced Mac automators.

And to be frank, posting articles can sometimes a be a lonely experience when you don’t hear immediately back from your readers.

With my first Crowdcast webinar, I got some really good questions and feedback that may not have been shared on the pages of this site.

So webinars are my geeky online sessions that anyone can attend, and leave with more knowledge about a Mac automation tool.

September 2nd

The next MacSmart webinar is Friday, September 2nd, 12 noon PST.

During my presentation, I will first go over what Automator does, and demonstrate how to put together a few workflows.


Then the greater part of the webinar will be devoted to Keyboard Maestro how it’s similar and different from Automator.

The presentation will not go into the how-tos of using Keyboard Maestro, but it will focus on the ways it’s useful for Mac users in general, and those who work professionally at their Mac on a regular basis.

Keyboard Maestro is available for a free trial download, but today there’s 20% discount for the full license ($28.80). Use the coupon code: Smile

And as with all my webinars, there will be Q&A throughout the presentation. In fact, you can pop over to the registration page and add your question(s) in the chat days before the webinar is held. Crowdcast includes a special feature for presenters to bookmark their responses to questions so that webinar participants can jump to an answer during the video playback.

Monthly Webinars

My plan is to hold two or three webinars per month for as long as there is regular attendance to them.

Your feedback about topics you would like to see addressed in future webinars would be very helpful.

Some webinars might be simple Q&As about Mac automation in general. These sessions can also be useful for Mac automators to share their workflows, strategies and tips.

I hope that you can attend one of my sessions. I look forward to meeting you.





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