How to Use Keyboard Maestro to Automate ScreenFlow and Other Applications

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If you want to get more done in applications that you use on a regular basis, I highly recommend that you use Keyboard Maestro to automate tasks that you regularly perform in those applications.

The following video first appeared on my YouTube Channel, but I'm adding it here with another information for my blog readers. Following the video, I pasted the macro set for ScreenFlow that I describe in the video. If you’re familiar with Keyboard Maestro you should be able to understand the setup. Note: I trigger the macro using a Keyboard Maestro Palette, instead of a hotkey.

The point of the video demo is to give you an idea of how to automate actions in applications you use. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

Update: Here's my macro is set up. It may be able to do the same with your own set up. If you have trouble building this macro, get in touch with me and I’ll help you out.

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      • Bakari,

        Each of the bulletpoints at the end of the article has a broken image icon next to it. Not sure if they are supposed to be actual images but that is what I see.

        Also, I have at some point, created accounts on two different emails (I can tell because I get the email updates), but when hitting “forgot my password,” the form did not recognize either email as having an account (I didnt save my password in 1Pass). Is there a way you could manually reset a password?

        • Hi Matthias, I basically pasted the macro workflow in text format, but you’re right that makes difficult to understand. So I just replaced the text format in the article with a screenshot of the entire macro setup. If you try to build the macro and can’t get it to work then contact me and I’ll help you out. As for the password, are you saying you created a password to log into this website? If you did, I deleted your account. I’m setting up the membership site on a sub-domain. It’s taking me a while to do that for lots of reasons, but I hope to get it started soon. Thanks for being a subscriber.

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