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MacAutomationTips is now my go-to source for researching new apps to improve my efficiency for my legal business. I've learned the valuable lesson that if I can figure out even a minor hack to be more efficient-- that minor hack can save hundreds of hours of inefficient work. Taking the BetterTouchTool course helped me automate tasks so I could spend more time face to face with my legal customers and my family rather than wasted in front of the computer.

Victor Bernace, Esq.

Automate‚Äč these type of tasks....

  • Trigger menu items with finger gestures
  • Paste URLs without manually copying/pasting
  • Create day and time triggers to open apps
  • Trigger menu items while typing
  • Automatically hide/quit apps in the background
  • Format text without using keyboard shortcuts

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Bakari! Just wanted to send you a huge shout of thanks for your site and for your Better Touch Tool course. I feel like I have entered a whole new world! Thanks for taking the time to create the course. BTT is so incredibly powerful, and I can't believe how much faster it is than almost everything else. You rock! PS I would really love to see you do a course on Keyboard Maestro. Your teaching style is great, and I don't feel like anyone has really done a great KM course anywhere yet.

Bodi Quirk Web Designer


Hey there, I'm Bakari Chavanu, the creator of MacAutomationTips, and freelance writer. I have written hundreds of articles about Mac applications, and am now producing weekly videos on my YouTube Channel 

I started MacAutomationTips back in 2015 because I have a strong passion for automating all the work I do on my Mac. Hardly a day goes by that I don't create automation workflow, action, or macro my Mac.  

I'm also passionate about teaching others about how to use and get the most out of Mac automation workflows and applications. You will find a wealth of material on MacAutomationTips to help you take advantage of powerful Mac automation application.


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