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The finger gesture application, BetterTouchTool has hundreds of built-in actions that are based the type of tasks and actions you perform on your Mac everyday.

While many of the actions you create in BTT will be ones for activating menu bar shortcuts, the built-in actions provide a range of other actions that don’t have keyboard shortcuts.



It’s difficult to see the actions in BTT without clicking on the drop-down selections for each set of actions. Thus following screenshots allow you to peruse the available actions and see which ones might be useful in your Mac workflow and daily tasks.

Auxiliary Actions

Auxiliary actions

BTT Related Actions

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Mouse Click Actions

Mouseclick actions

Other Mouse Actions

Other mouse actions

Controlling Other Applications

Note the “Send  Shortcut to Specific App” allows for activating a shortcut in an application using an assigned finger gesture, while you’re working in another application. I use this action for controlling iTunes and Rdio.

Controlling other applications

OS X Functionality

OS X functionality

Window Interaction

Window interaction

Window Resize & Move

Note the action for moving a window to the next monitor. This is great for Mac users who use two more monitors.

Window Resize adn Move

Keyboard Keys

Keyboard Keys

System Actions

System actions

Utility Actions

Note the  “Past Custom Text” action, which means you can actually paste snippets of text using your trackpad or Magic Mouse.

Utility actions

Mimicking Standard Gestures

Mimicking standards gestures


Share Your Favorites

I hope you find this set of screenshots useful for getting more out of BetterTouchTool. Let me and my readers know which actions you favor or which ones you have questions about.

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  • Switch to Last Application seems to be missing lately…Now my 4 finger swipe down only brings up the Application Switcher, not the last application… 🙁

    • Hmmm, if you can, try another finger gesture, like a Three Finger Clickswipe Up. Not sure why else it’s not switching to the last app. My gesture still works for me. Is the gesture application specific or is it global? Feel free to write me directly at Bakaric at me dot com.

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