My 10 Favorite Applications for 2018

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  • 1.LCP is top on my list. I’ve used it since day 1 and it keeps getting better. The location driven actions, the ability to tie into ShortCuts and TextExpander. You can make a lot of magic happen.
    2. Air mail
    I use it to quickly power through emails with custom actions and workflows you can build. Like I have action that forwards a email to a group then sends it to OmniFocus and then stars it and moves it to a stared folder with archived copy sent to DEVONthink.
    3. Week calendar has been my calendar app of choice with templates and customizable settings. Really wish it would get full iPad Pro support.
    4. Drafts I use for email that I really need to get right. Meeting agendas it’s plain text playground with so many hooks. I couldn’t get work done with out. And the devices always in perfect sync.
    5. Apple notes for collaboration with others on reoccurring lists.
    And the ability to grab quick links to a specific note you can launch from LCP or Launcher.
    6. OmniFocus 3 is my task MGR of choice. I seem to keep growing with it.
    7 OmniOutliner has become my storage ground for project & to do list templates for OmniFocus.
    8. Of course ShortCuts it’s the start of my IOS automation glue. With out it and LCP automation on IOS gets much harder.
    9.Castro is my podcast app of choice with great use of drag and drop.
    10 Yoink for my shelf temp storing needs.
    11. Copied for my clipboard MGR for Mac & iOS. I also use it to save apps I may want to buy or download later.
    12. ATracker is time tracking app of choice works great with Siri Shortcuts. And LCP
    13. For vpn on IOS and Mac I use ProtonVPN amazing how fast it is for VPN.
    14. Apps I like but haven’t used enough yet but really like. Alloy for automation on iOS, OmniPlan , Taskmator for taskpaper support, Note plan, Scriptable,

    Also on my iPhone & IPad I use Attachments to easily load email with multiple attachments. It’s must on iPhone with out the drag drop on iPad.

    I also find that Spark mail is growing on me to quickly go through email and have it two up with Omnifocus and send emails right to OmniFocus.

    Sorry for the long post. I got caught up in sharing. Love your content. Keep it going we need you out here in the inter webs.

  • I love this question, it really got me thinking!! This is in no particular order, I love them all!!

    10 – Textexpander
    I use this every day all day. I do wish it was a little more integrated in iOS but the keyboard does the job.

    9. Keyboard Maestro
    Much like Textexpander this is used to automate lots of tasks as part of my daily workflow

    8. Alfred 3
    This app is so customizable with thousands of workflows for app and actions. You name it there is an Alfred workflow for it.

    7. 1Password
    This has all my generated passwords stored securely but I don’t think many people realize it can also be used as a 2FA authenticator just like Google or Authy. I have 1P doing it all.

    6. Bear App
    As I grew apart more and more from Evernote this turned up just in time! It even got me to learn Markdown!

    5. Spark Mail
    I used Airmail for a long time and largely spark has the same sort of features. However, it just has the edge. My 2 favorite features of the app being the smart folder suggestions (so it puts the folders it thinks you’re going to move the email to the top) and the control over the notifications.

    4. Day One
    This journaling app is beautifully designed and so easy to use! It’s more than worth the subscription!

    3. Siri Shortcuts
    I love some of the shortcuts I have. My goal is to start creating them!!

    2. Pastebot
    Amazing clipboard manager from the Tweetbot folks!

    1. Todoist
    I love this app and would be lost without it! I think I’d forget my background insulin every day if it wasn’t for my todo and it’s reminder

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