How to Use IFTTT to Recreate No-Due-Date Tasks In Todoist

When it comes to using any task manager, checking off tasks is of course easy, but typing and inputting tasks sometimes is a bit tedious. But recently I started using an IFTTT automation that creates no-due-date tasks in Todoist each time I complete tasks in a specified project. Keep reading and I’ll explain what it is …

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How to Use Single Force Click with an Apple Force Touch Trackpad

If you use Apple’s Force trackpad, the Single FORCE click gesture in BetterTouchTool (BTT) allows you to trigger menu items and keyboard shortcuts, open designated URLs, files, and folders, resize or position windows, and much more. BTT’s Single FORCE click gesture is one of my favorites because it’s a one-click easy-to-remember gesture that can either be …

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Interview with Mac Automator: Kenneth Cox

One of the articles I enjoy publishing on this site are interviews with Mac automators, because it’s always a treat to learn how other Mac users are using automation applications. For this third interview, I am pleased to share how photographer (and long-time MAT subscriber) Kenneth Cox’s uses Mac automation in his daily workflows. Professional photography requires a considerable …

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Managing Folders In SuperTab

Last week I updated an article about SuperTab, including highlights of its version 4.0 features. In this follow-up article, I want to drill in on more and discuss a few special Tab Rows for folder displays and file content which may be useful to users of the application. Video Series If you’re not familiar with …

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SuperTab 4.0 vs the Dock [Updated]

The Apple Dock has been a long-time staple of OS X, but for Mac automators and power users, the Dock is embarrassingly limited when compared to an alternative application like SpriTec’s SuperTab. I’ve been a user of SuperTab for over a year now, and have referenced it in several previous articles for this site. But the recent 4.0 update of SuperTab warrants …

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Best Mac Automation Software: Automator or Keyboard Maestro?

Apple’s classic Mac automation application Automator has been around for more than a decade, but is it still useful to Mac users, and how does it compare to similar Mac automation programs like Keyboard Maestro? If you do a quick search of this site, you will discover that I have yet to write an article or …

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New Years Resolution: Automate More

About about month ago, subscribers to this website did me a favor and responded to a survey about Mac automation and this website. The results of that are very useful to me because they provide an idea of what my readers need as Mac automators. Two questions I ask in the survey are about how …

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Open Diary: My Year In Apple Hardware and Software

Yesterday I came across Ben Lovejoy’s article, “Opinion: My end-of-year report card for Apple’s 2018 hardware,” which provides a really good overview and critique of Apple hardware releases and non-releases this year. After I finished reading it, I thought I’d write a similar piece, but focus more on what Apple related hardware and software I …

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MacAutomationTips Survey for 2019 Improvements

Maintaining MacAutomationTips takes a lot of work and time figuring out the most useful content for you, my readers and subscribers. Your responses to this survey will help me improve the site in the coming year. Please take a few minutes to answer the following 10 survey questions. I really appreciate your time and feedback. …

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My 10 Favorite Applications for 2018

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