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VIDEO COURSES: Get unlimited access to video courses for powerful applications including BetterTouchTool, Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, Hazel, SuperTab and others as they are created. 

EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES AND SHORT VIDEOS: As a member, you will get exclusive access to articles, short tips and videos addressing the work and needs of you and other members. 

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Academy Instructor

Bakari is the creator of, a website started in 2015 that focuses on helping Mac users increase their productivity by using Mac automation applications.  Bakari has written hundreds of articles about Mac applications and Mac automation, and for five years was the staff writer for a leading online magazine, Bakari has over 20 years experience of working at his Mac to get things done.

Bakari Chavanu, Founder of MacAutomationTip Academy

Bakari, you rock...

Bakari! Just wanted to send you a huge shout of thanks for your site and for your Better Touch Tool course. I feel like I have entered a whole new world! Thanks for taking the time to create the course. BTT is so incredibly powerful, and I can't believe how much faster it is than almost everything else. You rock! PS I would really love to see you do a course on Keyboard Maestro. Your teaching style is great, and I don't feel like anyone has really done a great KM course anywhere yet.

Bodi Quirk //  Web Designer

Great posts and automation tips...

Been passively following MacAutomationTips for a while now. Thanks for the continued great posts and automation tips. I'm an automation nerd myself and love building systems that cause a chain reaction with the click of a button, label, or hashtag. Just subscribed to your YouTube channel.  Keep up the great work!

Jon Acosta  //  Digital Media Advisor

My go-to site for Mac automation...

MacAutomationTips is now my go-to source for researching new apps to improve my efficiency for my legal business. I've learned the valuable lesson that if I can figure out even a minor hack to be more efficient-- that minor hack can save hundreds of hours of inefficient work. Taking the BetterTouchTool course helped me automate tasks so I could spend more time face to face with my legal customers and my family rather than wasted in front of the computer.

Victor Bernace, Esq.  //  Lawyer

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